What is Naturopathic Nutrition?

Naturopathic Nutrition works with the individual’s efforts towards the promotion, restoration and maintenance of health.  This means that we also place a great emphasis on preventative health.

Health is more than ‘the absence of disease’. Disease ensues when the body’s homeostasis, or self-regulating system is disrupted. Then the body develops an acute response in its attempt to restore health, often demonstrated through enhanced processes of elimination. Suppressing these healing processes can contribute to the potential for chronic (longer term) breakdown, inflammation and disease.

A Holistic Approach

In Naturopathic Nutrition, the education and cooperation of the patient is fundamentally important and contributes to the success of the treatment process. The patient is assisted in examining his or her lifestyle and making healthier choices which, in turn, is established on a cellular level by means of appropriate nutritional support.

Charlotte Fraser works with clients on a physiological, physical, mental and emotional level. This is because optimum health and wellbeing depends on a multitude of factors and reflects a harmonious interaction with our environment.

The universe is exactly the way we think it is and that’s why.”

John Woods 

We need nourishing food, clean water, fresh air and sunlight, as well as lots of movement, rest and relaxation, to maintain health. However to truly thrive, we also need positive relationships, creative fulfilment and mental stimulus.

Photo Credit: Nick Beal

“Every gut microbiome is unique.  Truly the embodiment of all our individual genetic, physical, mental,  emotional,  environmental, social, and cultural experiences”

Charlotte Fraser 

Core values of Naturopathic Nutrition are:

  • Healing Power of Nature: a ‘vital force’ underpins the body’s self-healing or self-correcting mechanisms.
  • Triad of Health: the connection and interaction between the structural, biochemical and mental/emotional components of all living beings. Dysfunction in one area will lead to disruption elsewhere.
  • Uniqueness of the Individual: people are genetically, biochemically, structurally and emotionally different from one another. Each person responds in a unique way to influences, be they mental, emotional, nutritional, social or cultural.

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