The Whole Student Programme ©

The Whole Student Programme © provides holistic health and wellbeing support to students aged 11-19 to help them prosper in health, life and in their learning.       

We integrate an in-depth holistic healthcare approach, scientific assessment and screening, with wise counsel, coaching and pragmatic interventions.


The programme is led by Founder, Charlotte Fraser BA Hons, Dip. NNP, Dip. AIT, an award-winning nutritionist and holistic health practitioner. Charlotte also works in close partnership, with Sarah Morris and Carmen Beyxer at Emerge Be Who You Are. Nutritionist Virginia Hills DipION, mBANT, CNHC is also on the team.

Sarah and Carmen are qualified NLP Master Practitioners, Hypnotherapists, and Life & Resilience Coaches. They are both passionate about how our health and wellbeing is integral to our emotional happiness.  Sarah and Carmen also partner with government organisations, schools and companies, identifying and offering solutions on how they can prevent mental health issues and promote life changing habits.

Sarah and Carmen work with Charlotte to further support students in making any sustainable lifestyle changes, to improve their wellbeing, and to facilitate and build personal development, growth and resilience.

We are proud to also work in collaboration with Think Healthy Me, an organisation committed to delivering personalised, high quality, sustainable health and well-being benefits for everyone. We can integrate additional expert health practitioners, Associates of Think Healthy Me, into the programme dependent on the individual needs of each student. These can include Movement coaches, Mindfulness Experts and Personal Trainers for example.


Where required, we may also signpost clients to other professionals. For example: occupational therapists, paediatricians, psychotherapists, optometrists, speech and language therapists, medical-based ADHD assessment centres, etc.     

There is the option to extend programmes and we also offer annual check-ups and reviews.  

“With a brilliant ability to get behind your teenager’s emotional wall indirectly, Charlotte Fraser is a naturopathic nutritionist and founder of the Whole Student Programme… A lifeline for worried mothers.”

Country & Town House Magazine [July / August 2022]

The Whole Student Programme ©

Each programme is tailored to the individual needs of each student, starting with the initial 4-month programme. The timeline allows for nutritional and other wellness and lifestyle interventions to have time to take effect. Priced at £330.00, the core nutrition programme includes:

  • Online Creyos Health Assessment and report
    This includes cognitive assessments tailored to measure memory, reasoning, verbal ability, and attention scientifically and objectively; these are all facets of cognition that are important in everyday life.  There are also additional screens for anxiety, depression, ADHD and stress as required.
  • Confidential 90-minute initial nutrition consultation
    Personalised nutrition and lifestyle recommendations are then sent to the student and parent/carer.
  • Two 60 minute follow-up nutrition appointments
    These include further CBS health assessments to evaluate progress, with a follow-up report. Food intolerance testing is also integrated if required.
  • Nutritional coaching and regular checking-in/liaison
    To motivate and to answer any questions. To also ensure an integrated approach with the student and parents/carer, as well as with Sarah Morris or Carmen Beyxer if they are providing individual mentoring and coaching.

Dependent on individual needs, the student can further complement their programme with individual life coaching and mentoring sessions with Sarah Morris or Carmen Beyxer. Sarah and Carmen arrange these on an individual needs-basis and each session costs £65.00 an hour. There is no set minimum number of sessions.


Who can Benefit from The Whole Student Programme ©?

In recent years, more and more teenagers have been presenting with emotional and physical health problems, from anxiety and depression to chronic digestive disorders . At the same time, there has been a growing tendency to label, diagnose and over medicalise children, with children themselves also increasingly self-diagnosing and identifying within mental and emotional health groups. Where should parents look for help for their children in this situation? SENCOs are too overstretched with a four-month backlog on two days a week. GP referrals can take months. 

For all the buzz surrounding ‘Holistic Education’ and the need for a ‘Whole Child’ curriculum, there is still no service available to students, parents and teachers offering a truly holistic approach to the health and wellbeing of students.  This is where The Whole Student Programme © comes in. 

We work with individual students, parents, SENCO, schools, and other educational experts to establish a truly holistic and joined-up approach to improve the health and wellbeing of the student. The Whole Student Programme © can also complement and integrate with the work of Educational Psychologists.