Country & Town House Magazine’s Regeneration Guide [July/August 2022]:

With a brilliant ability to get behind your teenager’s emotional wall indirectly, Charlotte Fraser is a naturopathic nutritionist and founder of the Whole Student Programme… A lifeline for worried mothers.


I first came to Charlotte after becoming frustrated with the generic, seemingly ineffective, and depressing medical treatment I had been receiving. The first time I saw Charlotte, I felt like someone was really listening to what I was saying for the first time – she looked at every detail of both my present lifestyle and back to my childhood in order to find the best way of treating me as an individual case. No research was too much trouble for her, and as a result, after just a few weeks of seeing her, I both looked and felt a different person. We worked in tandem with acupuncture and Western medicine received elsewhere and medically, my case has been a complete success.


I’m ever so glad I called and made an appointment to talk with you. Believe me when I say that I have spent some considerable time with nutritionists, doctors and consultants, and without a doubt all of their time wrapped into one didn’t come even close to the help you gave me. It was so helpful to talk and I really appreciate the encouragement.


I started seeing Charlotte having suffered from eczema all my life, and as a result of a particularly bad flare-up. I was sick of being constantly on some form of steroid, worrying about the long term effect they would have on my health. Incredibly honest and understanding, Charlotte took the time to explain to me not just what I should and shouldn’t eat, but the wider effect that nutrition has on the body and how this fits into the overall way I approach my life. She is realistic about what can be achieved. What surprised me most though is the understanding I now have as to how diet can impact you not just physically, but also mentally and emotionally. I always just accepted my eczema as part of my genetic make-up, but now realise I can control it.


It was really refreshing (and perhaps all too rare) to meet with someone who has life experience, personality, and both academic and practical knowledge with a true and genuine passion for helping people.  I found our conversation really thought provoking.


Thank you so much for seeing Charlie, he so enjoyed meeting you and was so impressed by how much & how quickly you understood how his body works. He is already feeling tonnes better – uninterrupted sleep, kick-started gut and feeling sparkly-eyed for his interviews next week so hoorah!  We both can’t thank you enough, you truly are a genius!


You have helped me so much and as I have more clarity I feel my spirit more. You prescribe engagement in life!


I must thank you again. Your methods were the only ones that made me feel good both mentally and physically about myself and what I was eating.


Charlotte has a thoughtful and knowledgeable approach. She’s great with clients, listens carefully and has provided us with lots of extremely helpful advice.


I’m really progressing, so much so, I’m feeling way better! I can’t thank you enough for your help, kindness and support. I honestly feel like I can move on with confidence.  I feel you helped me so much, in understanding food and looking after my wellbeing in general.


I got weighed today ( I know you said to avoid but I’ve been trying for so many years to get to “gold” weight to help me maintain long term) and guess what …… I lost 4lb!!! Just by stopping fizz, sweeteners, juice and swapping for full fat yoghurt and milk.  Have been mindful of what I am eating also all week.


I cannot recommend Charlotte’s services highly enough. Her holistic, in-depth and scientific approach, mixed with exceptional client care and support is a potent combination. I have seen a vast difference in how I feel since my first consultation a few months ago, with a clearer head, more energy and focus than I’ve had in decades. It is such a breath of fresh air to be treated by someone who cares as much as she does and looks at the whole picture – what an amazing healer Charlotte is! 


Thank you for all your help. It’s been a lifesaver to me.


I’m seven days in today and haven’t had any heartburn episodes – down from one or two a day. I haven’t had any bloating and my sleep has improved significantly – I haven’t woken up at 2am at all. I’ve noticed a change in my mood, I don’t feel as grumpy or short fused. I also wasn’t going to weigh myself because that wasn’t my primary goal…but I did and I’ve lost 4kg. I haven’t been struggling with hunger either and have been walking everyday… For me now it’s about looking ahead.


This whole experience has been invaluable, both mentally and physically…My headaches went within a week of starting my nutrition journey, which is so great. I was having headaches practically everyday before and I haven’t had one since I changed my diet, even when I have been stressed. 


Charlotte Fraser, is truly amazing, an extremely insightful person. Who knew exactly, what my thoughts, attentions and goals were, from the very start. She really throughly analyses’s your situation, through an in-depth questionnaire, and goes through it with you step by step. Her patience and kindness goes beyond words. In no time, she knew the problem. It took only took 2 sessions, and we both quickly got to the root cause. I began to heal immensely ever since then! She is a genuine person, she deeply cares about your well being and more. Her wisdom in this field is remarkable. I was very fortunate to work with her, and more to know her. Highly recommended!


My energy levels are soo much better – it’s the best I have felt in the last 7 years! Thank you so much for all your help and support over the last few months. I really can’t thank you enough for getting me to this point, it’s amazing to feel positive about the here and now again!


It was so incredible to meet you yesterday, your knowledge and expertise is astounding, I am so grateful to have found you. Its its been a revelation and I feel like today is the start of a journey to a better version of myself……which is simply all I’ve wanted.


No PMT at all whosoever this month! You are incredible! Thank you!


XX has been so receptive to the changes and we have been very consistent. The changes in XX have been incredible!!!! He’s been happier and despite still getting angry or frustrated at times, he has gained back some flexibility and understanding. He is much better at regulating himself and the highs and lows in his energy levels have evened out a lot… Thank you for everything you have done so far. Its been a game changer!